A Fun Fantasy Series

When my sons were young and we went on vacations with long rides in the car we enjoyed listening to books while we were traveling. We went through many of the Harry Potter books and really liked them. Another series we liked was the Enchanted Forest Chronicles written by Patricia Wrede. There are four books in the series, and the first is Dealing With Dragons. It's best to start with the first book. The books are in the Teen section, which are shelved with the adult audiobooks in the library. The first books begins with Princess Cimorene, the seventh and youngest daughter of the king and queen of Linderwall, and she is not like any of her older sisters. Her older sisters are all beautiful and golden-haired, and behave like princesses should behave. Cimorene is beautiful also, but has black hair, and does not want to do the things a normal princess is supposed to do. She wants to take fencing lessons, magic lessons, Latin lessons, and cooking lessons, which princesses should not like. She does not want to marry a prince, and when she finds she is going to be married off to a handsome prince, she meets a frog who suggests that she should run away. So she does. She finds a dragon named Kazul, and decides to work for the dragon instead, and is much happier. Still, knights continue to try and rescue her, although she doesn't want to be rescued. Soon the reader is introduced to Morwen, the witch, who is a friend of the dragons, and also some wizards, who are not friends. The series is fun to read and to listen to, and more adventures happen in each book.  If you like fantasy and if you like books for teens, you might enjoy this series.

Dealing With Dragons

Searching for Dragons

Calling on Dragons

Talking to Dragons