Need More LOTR in Your Life? Try Tolkien Metal

In case you’ve been living in a hobbit hole and haven’t heard, there’s a very popular television series set in the Lord of the Rings universe, which has been produced by the Big A Company that shall not be named. Claiming to be one of the most expensive television series ever produced, The Rings of Power is only available to those who have a membership to the Big A Company. But fear not, fellow Tolkien fans - Herrick has other options for those who crave a little Middle Earth with their elevenses tea. If you are like me, and are stubbornly holding out on giving the Big A Company more of our heard-earned dollars (and are quietly weeping from it) here’s where you can feed your Tolkien obsession.

Wait...the metal?? You read that right. Have you ever heard of Tolkien metal? Yes, there is an entire genre of metal devoted to singing about the wonders of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy universe.

Check some out on Freegal:





But wait, there's more! Here are some Tolkien-adjacent bands that are just as epic:


Band: Fellowship

Song: “Until the Fires Die

My new favorite obsession is Fellowship, the UK-based power metal band that dress like hobbits. Yes. They. Dress. Like. Hobbits. But if you ask them- they’re not a Tolkien metal band. O-kay…


Band: Wind Rose

Song: “Diggy Diggy Hole” (originally written by Yogscast)

This Italian dwarven metal band sings about life underground and dresses up like, you guessed it, dwarves. Enough said.


Band: DragonForce

Song: “Through the Fire and the Flames

While DragonForce isn’t technically fantasy metal (depending on who you ask), this power metal band sure can shred with an epic fantasy style.


It turns out the world of metal has a lot of variation. Don’t even get me started on Babymetal… (Ok, but only because you asked: “Gimme Chocolate!!”)