Spring Cleaning at the North Branch

Every year, there are plenty of people who get into the “spring cleaning” mode, and this year at the North Branch, I am no different. In an effort to make the flow of the Adult fiction and Non-fiction sections easier to navigate, I implemented a dramatic shift and hope that it makes it more enjoyable for everyone to browse. Now, patrons will be able to find that fiction is closer together and has more space for books to be displayed and that non-fiction is closer together, rather than being broken up into several spaces before.

For me personally, it takes me quite a lot to make changes and rearrange the spaces I am in most often, even if there is a better way for a particular spot to be set up. More often than not, it is because I have gotten comfortable in the arrangement, even if it is less than ideal. On the not so frequent occasion that I do take the time to rearrange and better utilize a space, I normally end up mentally kicking myself for not changing it up sooner. In an effort to assist any of you who feel so inclined to better utilize your living spaces, try some of these books to help visualize what your spaces could look like instead!

And the next time you walk into the North Branch you may find that the adult collection looks a lot different and we hope that it will be for the better.

Organize Your Living Spaces

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As the library rearranges the collection, consider shifting some of your living spaces too!

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