Movies in Love

Love it or-- love it! Valentine's Day is here. I want to reflect this year on the love in many facets of our lives. Romantic partners, family, and friends bring meaning, adventure, and drive to our lives. Rom-coms capture the dating world thoroughly, but other movies deliver great stories in which love is beautifully weaved.


Groundhog Day doesn't look like a romantic movie but becomes one as the main character not only finds love for a lady but for a town he thought he despised. Bill Murray is in top form.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall follows closer to the traditional format of a romantic comedy. The exception, for me, is that the lead character digs himself out of his rut. A woman broke him, but he discovers his purpose. His rise from the depths is the victory. It's also set in Hawaii, which seems cozy and fun compared to what Michiganders can currently find outside.

La La Land exposed some hard lessons. Tough love from family, sticking by your passion for a craft, and the often-repeated--if you love something, set it free. If you avoided this one because it's a musical, take another look. A mesmerizing bittersweet story about two people finding themselves.


The performance Will Smith gives in The Pursuit of Happyness left me exhausted. It is a roller coaster of emotions where a man is hanging on by a thread, doing everything he can for himself and his son. Every obstacle he overcomes will have you cheering.

Boyhood is a movie unlike any other that I have seen. Literally filmed over 12 years, we get to watch a family grow. Sometimes it's not a quick fix to a problem or overcoming a tough week but a journey of listening to your family and growing together.

Welcome to the Family Madrigal! If you've seen the movie Encanto, I suspect you're are singing right now. Encanto is a bright and colorful love story about how you should hold your family close.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a classic teen comedy. There are spectacular sights of Chicago and a toe-tapping soundtrack. Then there's the inseparable bond these three friends have as they enjoy their remaining days as high schoolers. This movie is a great escape.

With a hilarious cast of comedic ladies, Bridesmaids makes you laugh till you cry. Wedding planning can tear friendships apart, but love brings those friends back together. People change, people grow, and friends can help you along the way.

The three best friends that anyone could have, retrace the steps of an insane night in Vegas, and needless to say, they have quite The Hangover. This movie brings true meaning to "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and doesn't disappoint with hysterical scenes of gambling, exotic animals, and a baby?

Bonus! Pets

Where would we be without our fuzzy friends at home? They are part of the family and are there when we need them. Homeward Bound was a movie I watched on repeat as a child and watching it with my kids is just as magical. Prep the tissues, it can be quite the tear-jerker!