Starting A Garden

You may say to yourself, “Self, I want to have a nice garden with awesome vegetables in it. How do I do it?” I had this same conversation with myself this spring when I needed to get things growing for our kids’ Garden STEAM program. I found that it was fairly easy. Way back in March, I started looking at seeds with some of my co-workers to see what we wanted to plant. I chose to plant things that go into making yummy pico de gallo: tomatoes, onions, cilantro, green and jalapeno peppers. I went to a local family farm store and bought a kit for seed growing. It had a plastic cover, peat pods, and a plastic tray for planting. It was easy; just had to follow the directions on the seed kit AND the seeds. Here at the library, I placed the whole thing under the grow lights in the Seed Library. At home, I had to find a nice sunny window sill for at-home plants. After several weeks, the weather was nice enough and the seedlings big enough to go outside. So far, the garden is doing great! Here are some books to get you growing a garden!

Get Growing! Helping Kids Grow a Great Garden!

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