Starting Kindergarten

This is the time of year when all the “back to school” stuff starts appearing in stores, ads, and even your local library. And while back to school books are important for every kid heading back this fall, starting kindergarten is a different experience entirely. It’s not just about whether you’ll like your new teacher, whether your friends will be in your class, and making sure you have the perfect first day outfit, it’s about what school is like period. Even kids who have been to preschool will face a huge transition having to get up and ready by a very particular time, being at school all day five days a week, sitting through whole-group lessons, homework, and everything else that’s a part of the school experience.

Helping your kiddo transition to kindergarten isn’t an easy task, but sometimes reading books about other people’s experiences can be really helpful. Check out a few of these titles to help start the conversation with your kiddo about what kindergarten will be like, what they’re curious, excited, and nervous about, and what questions they want to ask.

Picture Books for Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a tough transition! Check out some of these picture books to start a conversation with your rising kindergartener about what to expect.

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