The February Five

It's cold outside, but it's five in here.

Hmmm. That worked in my head. But now that I've written it down...

Oh well. It's another edition of The Five - five things I'm digging on this month. 


I don’t want to be too hyperbolic, but Bluey might be the greatest television show in the history of the universe. It claims to be a show for preschoolers about a family of Blue Heeler dogs living in Australia, but it’s much, much more. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll have all the feels.

Peanut M&Ms

Always good. And because the peanut is there, you can pretend they’re healthy for you.

The Taking of Jemima Boone – Matthew Pearl

Ten days after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Daniel Boone’s daughter Jemima, and two of her friends, were kidnapped by a band of Shawnee and Cherokee Indians. Pearl separates the myths from the legends and creates a riveting account of the rescue as well as life on the Kentucky frontier. I actually did my senior thesis on Boone and the settlement of Kentucky (a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) so the book brought back memories of late nights and drinking bad coffee and eating day-old doughnuts from the Great American Donut Shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I’ve been a fan of Pearl’s fiction for a long time (The Dante Club is a particular fave) and this is his first foray into nonfiction. I’m looking forward to his next one.

A Line to Kill – Anthony Horowitz

Book Three in the prolific author’s meta Hawthorne and Horowitz series. It’s not as good as the first, but it’s a nice bounce back after the last one. A super fast read and an enjoyable one. 


We’re re-watching one of our all-time favorite TV shows, the BBC’s Sherlock starring Smaug and Bilbo Baggins. It’s the first time our daughters have seen it and the look on their face when Moriarty is revealed...well, it’s just like the look on our faces when we first saw it more than a decade ago. To my great delight, the show holds up really well. Now if they'd only make more!